Gus Memorial Fund


August 3, 2000 – March 29, 2012

As some of you may know, we lost our hospital mascot and good friend in March. Gus was a wonderful presence for all of us who work at Milner Vet and for those who got to know him as our clients and patients. Gus will forever be missed.

The Gus’s Memorial Fund (formerly The Good Samaritan Fund) accepts donations for the medical needs of pets whose owners cannot afford to care for them. We use donations to help the pets of those on fixed incomes and injured pets dropped off at the hospital. Milner Veterinary Hospital provides a great deal of care for pets in our community who couldn’t afford it without the help of Gus’s Fund.

The primary way we raise money for Gus’s Fund these days is through a community recycling program. Many community members bring their bottles and cans to our facility and we return them and put all of the proceeds towards the care of animal in the community. If you have cans and bottles laying around, please consider bringing them to us and we will use your gift to better the life of a loving animal. You can also stop in and pick up one of our “Bottle Drop” bags and then bring it directly to the return center once it is filled!

A donation is a terrific way to honor a friend or family member, or to remember a deceased pet. We will be happy to send a card acknowledging your donation.

Please email us, give a call, or stop by for more information.

Emm is one of the pets that the Gus Memorial Fund has helped.

Emm was severely burned when someone poured gasoline on him and set him on fire.
He endured weeks of medical care but look how “happy” he looks now!

Emm is actually quite a happy cat. He just looks a little grumpy for photographs.

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